We talked about unicorns, cupcakes, and...the grinch.

You really can't expect any less from an almost 5 year old. I was so privileged to meet Payton's family last year when I took their Christmas photos, and what a joy it was to hang out with her again to celebrate her birthday!

We rented the studio for an hour,

and I made some cupcakes the day before. This was the first birthday session I've done, and now I would really love to do more of these! Cake decorating is a hobby of mine so it was fun to be creative both in that way and with Payton's photos.

Payton has never watched "Frozen",

but she danced expertly to "Let it go." I thought maybe she'd want to hear the music from "Moana" as well, but she informed me that she hasn't seen that either. When asked, "Well, what is your favorite thing to watch then?"

Her answer was, "The Grinch!"

Making a funny face is easy,

Smiling isn't quite that way. We got both from Payton though, and the variety of expressions really makes her gallery!

I asked Payton what she would do if a unicorn walked in the room that moment. Her response was to hold this pose and say nothing...too excited for words I suppose!

Final note:

Please book your birthday session with MFP! No kidding, whether you are turning 5 or 65, this was so much fun. It's a great way to celebrate a milestone for a child or just hype yourself up. I'll even make the cake. I hope you loved scrolling through Payton's gallery!