so glad you're here!

My name is Moriah. I was a kid who had a pink point-and-shoot camera (and a little brother and sister) so I took some pictures- just for fun- but decided to enter a couple in the county fair. When I won some ribbons, well that was a booster for my growing passion!

Now, entering my 20's I've got a different perspective on photography.

this is my chance to freeze time, to capture what my eyes see and make it last. How cool is it that we can even do that?

I'm so passionate about Jesus, and my hope is that through my lens I can love my clients just like He would.

Your life is so beautiful. It deserves to be documented! It's an honor of mine to be able to meet people, glimpse into their lives, and click the shutter on an image I alone can see and then share it with the world.

Do you share my perspective? Let's be friends!

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I'm based in Mid-East Ohio...

But I'd love to meet you wherever you are! Travel is becoming something that I'm very passionate about, and when we work together I want to get to know everything about your personality and your environment. A long drive? Nothing my sunshine orange Subaru and Christian music playlists can't handle! Slide into my email (or social messaging) and we'll chat about how I can get where you are and capture some beautiful clips of time for you to keep and cherish always!

Everyone loves a good story,

and everyone loves a perfect photograph. I'd like to think I can put the two together. Need to see for yourself? Check out my blog, where I share insight on my adventures, thoughts on life, and maybe some tips here and there.