This story starts with an email that I received just before my own wedding,

"Tomas would like to book a photo session with his girlfriend in March..."

I responded, explaining that it was the week of my wedding, and if it was okay I would get back to the client after we returned from the honeymoon. It was agreed that this would be fine.

Tomas has been in front of my camera before,

for his senior session. I was informed that he hates getting his picture taken, and with this plan, Kinzee wouldn't expect anything. The session would be booked for Tomas' mom and her husband, but "wouldn't work out", so she would give the session to Tomas and Kinzee, for some cute couple pictures so the session wouldn't have to be canceled.

My couple arrived, and it was evident that she didn't suspect a thing.

Especially when she looked up from her phone and told me that her family was coming to the session. I was so relieved that she wasn't suspicious of it. Kinzee said that she felt nervous, but didn't know why.

We had half an hour of shots,

taking advantage of the barn, the muddy field, and the clouds-heavy with rain-casting the perfect mood.

Then it was time

I knew Tomas wanted the proposal to take place up on the hill, so we hopped into trucks- the three of us, her family, and his family. We made it to a spot overlooking the valley that was absolutely stunning.Thankfully Kinzee still hadn't figured it out.

I gave the cue

They were standing, "looking off into their future together" and I said "Okay now Tomas take a few steps back". He did, and stepped down to one knee. Before I said anything to her, Kinzee heard him sit down and turned around...

Too shocked for words,

Time was frozen while she caught on to what was happening- and I snapped from a distance as he slid the ring onto her finger and they embraced.

The remainder of the session was a celebration of their engagement,

With family there to support, and Kinzee sporting her new bling.

The sun came out to celebrate too,

And these images are prime examples of why stormy weather is my FAVORITE to shoot in.

We finished up with a family shot

Sun setting, spirits high, and my relief that it all worked out perfectly.

This was a new experience,

I've had two new session types so far this year. A birthday celebration and now a proposal. I'm game for whatever it is you need shots for, and SO ready to make memories with you!

Jesus Loves you!

Love, Moriah