I'll say it again,

shooting on the stormy days is SO worth it. Joseph and Caroline wanted a session to celebrate their 4th anniversary. The morning of the session was a rainy mess, so I messaged Caroline explaining that I was still down to do the session, and was thrilled when she said they were too. I left early, driving through rain to our location- hoping it would stop in time.

Everything was damp and fresh

and the wet leaves reflected the sun during golden hour. The storm subsided, leaving only one problem, the mosquitos, but thankfully I remembered there was bug spray in my car and we took care of that fast.

I always make an offer

"I'm here to get the shots you want. I have ideas for good poses and spots, but if you have any ideas or see something you like, stop me and we'll get your pictures too."

It's not often the client takes me up on that, but both Jospeh and Caroline were full of ideas, and some of them became my favorite shots from the whole session!

Everything was so natural

don't let the perfect mood fool you into thinking I made it all happen. The misty atmosphere, the couple's love for one another, the shots kind of just fell into place.

Another feature of the woodland studio,

we met a few locals. The geese hissed at us, but made for a good picture.

I made them sit on the ground,

a wet log, and walk in the pond. The pictures were worth it though, right?

Did I mention the clouds???

Shoot in the stormy weather. That's all I'm saying.

Taking some creative liberty-

Making it more than just a photo, making art.

Til next time :)

maybe my next blog post can exhibit photos of you? Let's chat!