Bobbi Jo says that Ohio is the most beautiful place in the world...

I can't say that I always agree. My heart tends to long for mountains, and the experience of strange cultures. Ohio is where my people are though, and I want you to meet a couple of them.

This is my brother-in-law Caleb, and future sister-in-law, Bobbi Jo. They chose to have their engagement session in a special place on the family property.

God is a really big part of who they are,

and you can see that reflected in their relationship. Here are some shots where we made sure you could see the important things, the rock, their love for each other, and the real Rock, Jesus Christ-or the Word- the Bible.

Like any good session, we had to have some fun, candid elements.

So check out the matching shoes, swing set, dancing, and spinning-til-dizzy like kids.

It was so so so cold on this evening...

You can't tell with the sun shining so brightly though! Their skin was glowing with happiness too, no pink cheeks or purple noses here!

True to my fashion, I had to take some creative liberty.

here are a few of those "risky" creative shots:

But we got the classics too:

Smiling, kissing- all the mushy, happy, just engaged kind of stuff.

The clearest days are often the coldest, and the clouds often bring rain.

But we'll make your session fun and lovely no matter the weather! I hope you loved getting to walk through this session with me and see the love these two share!

Jesus Loves you!